New Day…New Remodel Project!
Before picture of the living / dining room with all it's warts!
Before picture of the living / dining room with all it’s warts!

Today is the first day of my new remodel project in Fort Lauderdale!  I’m so excited, it’s a TOTAL “gut job”.  Some may think, she’s wacked who wants to take on a total reno from top to bottom…I DO!  It’s exciting to take something that’s old and tired and bring new life to it, or in the immortal words of Hans Christian Andersen, turn that ugly duckling into the beautiful swan.  It’s an opportunity to change the functionality and aesthetics and make it functional and beautiful for today’s living.  But you can’t go into a large job like this without a lot of planning and preparation, your choices and decisions must be deliberate and mindful, considering how the space will be used, by whom, the budget and the longevity of each piece put into it.

But it’s not only the physical and financial preparation that’s important when undertaking a new remodel project, mental preparation is crucial.  Living in construction is not anyone’s idea of fun, so you should understand how much you want to take on at once and set realistic expectations on when it will be done.  If you have done the due diligence to create a plan, understand the numerous steps in the construction process, designed the overall look and feel of the space so it flows together, made your selections and understand when each piece is needed to keep the project moving smoothly, you can make it through with some semblance of confidence!  And whether you move forward on your own, or have hired a professional for that critical help and knowledge, you can feel confident that your newly remodeled space with be beautiful and functional when it’s all said and done!


Quick peek into my “ugly duckling” and follow my blog for a weekly update into the transformation of the Swan!

Before Picture of New Second Bedroom
Before Picture of New Second Bedroom Space



This is a 1 bedroom with a convertible den.  I will make this a true 2 bedroom condo, maximizing the space and functionality of the rooms.  All the flooring will be removed, acoustic or “popcorn” ceilings removed throughout, new updated paint pallet and a more open feel to the space!





Before Kitchen looking into the dining room
Before Kitchen

This is the lovely kitchen, a chef’s dream, no?  Drop ceiling will be removed, new updated lighting, cabinets, flooring and appliances will be added.  Walls to the dining room will be opened to provide more natural light and a better flow and the refrigerator will be moved to the blank wall making room for a proper laundry room.



Before Master Bath
Before Master Bath
Before Master Bath separated toilet and tub
Before Master Bath separated toilet and tub


Typical 70’s design where the sink (munchkin sized!) was separated from the tub and toilet to make it easier for 2 people to use the bathroom at the same time.  Well, the days of a chopped up bathroom are over.  People are looking for a luxurious, large bathroom they can call their sanctuary.  Light, bright and CLEAN (ewww, this one is as dirty as you can get) are today’s bathroom mantras.  This one will incorporate both sections into one room by removing the wall in between, a double vanity (normal person height!) a serene pallet of white and light gray and modern fixtures.



before-guest-bathHow would you like to be the guest using this bathroom…NOT!  Well this one will be transformed to include a floating vanity, shower with tiled focal wall, beautiful pendants and white and bright tile.


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