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Gone are the days where anchors and shells dominated the décor of a cottage coastal home. Today’s coastal style is more sophisticated and paired down. Inspired by the ocean, it evokes a light and breezy feel by way of airy fabrics and the use of coastal colors in furniture and window coverings. Blues, light greens, neutrals, whites and warm toned and white washed woods are most common. It is warm, relaxing, and peaceful with a casual yet refined air to it. Raffia and rattan make their appearances in furniture, rugs (natural sisal), and even grasscloth wallpapers.  Unfinished wood pieces, and rope in lighting fixtures and decorative accents are the traditional décor items…ok and maybe just ONE jar of seashells is allowed :-)!

Williams-Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn and Serena and Lily are great sources for pieces that fit this design.


This living room shows a fresh take on today’s more modern coastal style, keeping the colors neutral an light with the use of bright white with natural wood toned accents in the chairs, rug, tables and chandelier.  Coastal colors of blue and green are brought in as accents for this calm and soothing look.

Coastal Living ROom
Coastal Living Room


This bedroom room starts with a neutral palette of whites and tans with accents of ocean blue to keep the room soothing and relaxing so it doesn’t detract from the star of the show…the view!

Coastal Bedroom
Coastal Bedroom


This Cottage / Coastal idea board shows the pieces you could use to recreate this look in your own home.

Coastal Idea Board
Coastal Idea Board

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